Wicked Good Shopping Planner

Use our shopping planner to create and print your shopping lists.  This tool is the first of its kind available online (as far as we know).  Enter your items, prices and coupons. Your total coupon savings and out of pocket cost will be calculated automatically 😀

Things to remember:

  • It is not possible to save lists.  Be sure not to close the shopping planner window/tab in your browser before printing your list! If you do, it will be lost, and you will have to start over.
  • If your store limits the number of “like” coupons they will double (Shaw’s for example will only double 4), keep your Mfr Coupon Quantity under that limit when using the double coupon checkbox.
  • When using the B1G1 checkbox, always use multiples of 2 in the Quantity column for that Item.
  • Before printing, change your print orientation to “Landscape” mode for a bigger, and easier to read printed list.


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8 thoughts on “Wicked Good Shopping Planner

  1. I would buy this if it was available in an app! Even if it is in the testing stage I would certainly be willing to pay for that! Good job
    Awesome work!

    • We would love to have it made into an app at some point in the future! Cost is a factor affecting when that will happen though. Hopefully if we have enough success with the desktop version it will happen 🙂

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