Kettle Brand Chips Class Action Suit – Do you qualify for reimbursement?

flavor_survey_familyShoppers who purchased bag of Kettle Chips “labeled as “All Natural,” “Natural,” “Naturally,” “Made with All Natural Ingredients,” “Natural Promise,” or any other derivation of “natural,” “nothing artificial,” “no preservatives,” “non-GMO,” “non-GMO ingredients,” “only natural colors and flavors,” “natural flavors,” “A Natural Obsession,” “real food ingredients,” “Reduced Fat” and/or “___ % Less Fat,” from January 3, 2010 through February 24, 2015 are eligible to claim up to $20 in reimbursements.


You can request reimbursement of $1 per bag for up to 10 bags purchased without a reciept.  If you purchased between 11 and 20 bags you must submit receipts.

Claims Must be submitted by August 1, 2015 in order to receive reimbursements.
Complete your claim form here.

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